www.knifelegend.com just opened up. i’m going to run over there asap to check out their throwing knives!

Check out this cool new spring assist knife I picked up at Unlimited Wares

tac force knife

tac force knife

It’s hard to find an airsoft shop in Kolkata. Typically, you’ll only find low cost airsoft and knife flea shops around town. If possible, you’ll want to shop  online to get the highest quality stuff.

You might run into some local stores, but most of them don’t have high quality airsoft guns like Tokyo Marui or G&G. Someone on a forum mentioned there might’ve been a shop in Mumbai called ‘Airsoft World’, but I haven’t seen it myself. They said you can probably find some Mauser airsoft guns.

You might be able to find some stuff in Crawford Market or the Tibetan Market. These are in Mumbai and Dalhousie.

I’ll update this blog with more locations if possible, but otherwise you might have to resort to buying online.